Visual mistakes that you shouldn’t do.

Don't use pixelated items

Nowadays, almost every device has high-quality screens,  even little quality details get noticed quickly, and they will make your business look unprofessional. Use only high-quality images, and do not try to enlarge them as they will lose quality and look blurry.

Avoid cutting off design elements

When designing, you first need to know the size and ratio you need your design to be. Every social media is different; feed post sizes are different than stories posts, so make sure you got your sizes right, and please do not cut anything off from your design.

Don't use items with no transparency

Using no transparency will make your business look unprofessional, lazy, and cheap,  which is a terrible sign for customers. Use transparency for your advantage; it is just a matter of using the correct format (PNG is the most common format).

Avoid using too many fonts

Any designer has done this at some point in life; it’s normal for human beings to try and complicate things more than needed. In design, too much is too much, and less is better. Many fonts can make it difficult to read and make your brand look cheap.

Do not use colors that create little or too much contrast

Contrast is hard to master, but it will take your designs to the next level. Insufficient contrast could make your plan hard to read and even hurt the eyes. One little trick is to see your work from afar; if it’s readable, that will probably mean you have good contrast.

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