Social Media Trends 2023

This year looks promising, although it has been almost three months since it began, it is important to highlight the trends that are already being strongly felt and like others that will soon explode in popularity.

F&B costumers are more demanding

The costumers are more demanding than ever, and they are not just paying attention to the taste and the quality of the food you offer.

What will become of Facebook in the coming year?

Facebook is no longer as we knew it, legally the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg changed his corporate name to META launching with him the Metaverse, a virtual world where you can do different activities such as work, shopping, socializing, and playing.

Instagram: Must-have updates for business owners

The developers of social media like Instagram, constantly have us a little confused with so many changes. Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, tells us about each update through his profile and we know that it is difficult to be aware of everything that happens.