Mistakes that cost you followers on social media

Social media is the window to the world to make ourselves known, both personally and professionally. Having a profile on social media is a significant boost that allows many businesses to market their products anywhere in the world and internationalize without having a headquarters in each country. However, to create a good community of followers on social networks, you must take care of them and give them the right content. Here are five mistakes that cost you followers, on social media, and you should avoid them by all means! Don’t miss them.

Not posting frequently

Although it may seem unimportant, not having consistency in scheduling and posting makes it impossible to connect with users, so you can’t create a loyal community of followers. It is about positioning the brand in the “top of mind” of the users and that they see it as part of their daily life, with which they interact constantly.

Repetitive posts

Original, innovative, and unique content is essential for your audience to be interested in your content. Thus, avoid posting the same photos and videos repeatedly, as it is repetitive content that the customer has already seen and will not catch their attention.

Not having the opening hours updated

The opening hours are essential if you have a physical business because if your customer travels and makes the trip to visit you, it will be disappointing to find you closed. Thus, the opening and closing hours of your business are critical for the customer to know when to come and contact you.

Advertisements and misleading information

One of the keys for your business to be successful is transparency, so you should not use photographs that are not yours and do not correspond to your products or services, offers that attract attention but do not mean any benefit to the customer. Even sweepstakes or giveaways are “fixed” or with a trap.

Personal opinions

Nowadays, many political or controversial issues limit and divide the population. Therefore, to prevent your followers from feeling discriminated against and even boycotting your brand, you should avoid political positions, personal opinions, and even messages when you are angry. Everyone should be welcome in your business, and you should transmit it through the networks!

With these five mistakes that cost you, followers, you already know how to act on social media and what type of content to publish: original, sincere, frequent, and non-confrontational. This way, you will gain many followers who are interested in your content and create a big family of fans on the Internet! What are you waiting for to put them into practice? Give a twist to your business by managing social networks correctly.

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