Minimalist logo: Why can it be the best option for you?

You have two seconds to get your customer’s attention and convince them why they should choose you. The logo of your business is the first thing that the consumer looks encounters when he comes across your brand. Therefore, you should create a good impression from the beginning. There are many key points that you must consider when creating a logo, you must remember that the logo is an important element for brand recognition and therefore should not be taken lightly.

There are many types of logos, but why are companies choosing to transform their image to a simpler one? The minimalist modality is booming again, as it is not a new concept.

Logos are the identity of the brand, it is what makes the consumer know exactly who is on the other side, to identify you and differentiate you from the competition. Large luxury companies such as Calvin Klein, Burberry, Balenciaga among others redesigned their brand using the blanding method, they are changing their traditional logos for sans serif fonts focusing on simplicity. There are also companies that refreshed their logo such as Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, and Coca Cola to give it a minimalist touch without losing the connection that customers have developed with the brand over time.

Complex logos are no longer as functional for the new digital era, and you shouldn’t make logos just because they are “pretty.” It is recommended to be an informative art, easy to understand, versatile, effective and transmit interest towards the brand from the start. Colors, lines, and geometric figures have a psychological meaning that the graphic designer is responsible for putting all these elements together to send a message in the best possible way.

Why is a minimalist logo ideal for your business?

  • The internet and social media are the new communication channels in the world; therefore, you must adapt and use what works best for the digital era. An example of this is when you use your logo on your website.


  • Although the big brands have become minimalist and very similar, they seek to rely less on the image and more on the word itself to avoid piracy.


  • It can show the true essence of your brand, is readable and communicates the message more quickly using straight lines, readable typography and at least one or two colors.
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