Artificial Intelligence: A New World for Businesses

Lately the term A.I. is resonating on social networks and the rumors are true… Artificial intelligence is here to stay.

It's making life easier for different industries as it could increase the efficiency of your business. That's what they say, but what really is the so-called A.I.?

The term “Artificial Intelligence” was first used in 1956, but it has evolved on a large scale and is very popular recently because of the Chat GPT application that was released last year. A.I. is software systems designed by humans who can reason, learn, and act. All of this is possible through the integration of information and a discipline of AI algorithms into a computer that tries to resemble humans.

A.I. technology develops through commands, images, text, can make decisions, and produces human conversations. This has beneficially impacted different fields, such as digital marketing. This intelligence can execute and solve complex or repetitive tasks that tend to be tedious using automation. So, companies like Sephora and Huawei are incorporating Chatbots into their websites so that their customers have 24/7 automated customer service without the need for human intervention.

If you have a website and sell products or services online, integrating a Chatbot has great advantages:

Optimize sales and improve user experience
Answering messages instantly streamlines the process of selling products and services. Your consumers can express doubts, suggestions, or acquire more information, such as prices or offers. This motivates the customer, increases their satisfaction, and can boost conversion.

You save time and resources
You can save time on tedious processes such as answering multiple questions from different users in less time and reduce both personnel and operational costs. This way your employees can focus on other activities in the company.

While it’s a great invention, there’s one point to be very clear: Artificial intelligence is not a substitute for human ability. It’s a great help for employers of different industries as it can be a powerful tool to make things more efficient. Also, it´s very convenient for consumers when they’re interested in what you offer and increases the performance of their experience, so it’s hard to be a bad idea incorporate it.

As similar as they are to human responses, they can be limited, they can’t connect with your consumers on a deeper level, and it’s a system that needs maintenance like any programming. These points must be taken into consideration, but after this blog, would you consider incorporating Artificial Intelligence into your business?

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