What will become of Facebook in the coming year?

Facebook is no longer as we knew it, legally the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg changed his corporate name to META launching with him the Metaverse, a virtual world where you can do different activities such as work, shopping, socializing, and playing. This is not the only change they had made as they are constantly forced to change the game because the competition and to capture the attention of consumers which is constantly diverted to other platforms such as Twitter and Tik Tok. Both Instagram and Facebook have been updated by adding new tools to facilitate the creation of content since they are now more focused on Reels due to the trend of short videos to stay relevant. It is still the most used social network in the world, but is that enough to survive in the new digital age?

Some tools or updates that are going to be of great help in the coming months that you may not have known about yet:

Live shopping on Facebook disappeared.

This tool was very useful for business owners or content creators, although it was removed from Facebook, an alternative to replace it would be to tag the products you sell in the Reels. After all, that’s what META is now focused on.

You can now create Reels in META = Facebook.

Now you can post videos, but also Reels on Facebook just like Instagram. It also gives you the option to upload Reels in the Creator Studio, now you can upload, edit, and schedule the Reels to be published on the day and time you preferred from your desktop.

Monetize your content.

In addition to META announcing that they will not take a share of monetization until 2023, they will also add other ways for creators to monetize their content such as: subscriber-only groups, facebook stars, monetized reels, etc.

Making Reels has never been easier.

As the platform now wants you to focus on creating and promoting content, now the platform recommends existing videos as the ones you have uploaded in your stories, with integrated music so the only thing you must do is one click to post it and turn it into a Reel.

Will the META feed no longer be to connect with family and friends?

Apparently, this year they want a lot of changes, now the content that is recommended by the algorithms will increase since only 15% is recommended content. The main feed will be content chosen by the algorithm, such as the Tik Tok platform, but users are not very happy with these changes. Will they proceed with this update despite creating a platform that is no longer what we are used to?
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