The importance of your brand’s logo

What exactly must a logo have to be functional, efficient and fulfill its marketing purpose?


Your company’s logo must be just like it: original, not similar to any. You mustn’t have a direct reference to any known brand, much less to the competition.


The identity of your business or company must be identified in the elements of your logo. From the colors, fonts, and shapes to choose from, they mustn’t project feelings or atmospheres contrary to what your company is dedicated to.


It is the ability that a graphic element can have to maintain the brand’s identity, even though not all the details of the logo are used or the colors or dimensions are changed. It is essential that an acronym or icon that is part of the logo can represent your brand individually. And speaking of color, a good logo should not depend on colors to deliver the message.


We must make sure that our logo works equally well in black and white, gray-scale, and color since there will be times when we must use it on a background that makes it impossible to use it in color, and we have to do it in white for example. Your logo mustn’t lose identity in this process.


It is the ability to use your logo on different devices or platforms with variable screen sizes and maintain the corresponding dimensions.

You must love it.

Most branding agencies and services offer a limit of changes to your logo. However, at Hycrons Marketing Firm, we seek the satisfaction of our clients. If our clients are happy, we are so glad. That is why we are committed to adjusting the logo to your needs to achieve your company’s best functionality and success.

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