The importance of real and organic photography

When we talk about an exact visual representation of something like photography, we are talking about a graphic resource with great power of communication and expression.

A resource widely used to generate product content or shape your virtual projects is the so-called stock photos, where photos, videos, and even illustrations of excellent quality suitable for all kinds of uses are provided for a specific cost. These represent a solution for companies that want to have photos for their projects without undertaking a photo shoot, avoiding high additional costs and loss of time. In addition to generating specific security, before buying a stock image, they could see it in detail to check if it was what they were looking for and thus be satisfied with the result.

But also, let’s not forget that it has its negative side. In the stock photography market, we find ourselves with great difficulties, such as the restrictions on its use, its lack of originality attacking our product knowing that the same photo has already been and is used on other sites, in addition to its generic style being another dilemma taking away a lot of personalities and not wholly satisfying all the needs demanded by the buyer.

In the opposite case lies the concept of natural and organic photography, where it is vital to emphasize its importance since they enhance the sale of a product by representing it in a more attractive way to the consumer, giving them a much more concrete, detailed visual perception of the element in question. And direct displaying its dimension, tonality, texture, and even at different angles.

Among several advantages of using their images, we can highlight that the company can direct how they want to do the photography and under what edition or montage, giving them great freedom of choice. Even their independent use by having their rights acquired makes it impossible to have legal problems regarding rules of use or author licenses. In addition, it provides originality, a critical aspect many companies seek today to stand out in a market saturated with supply. It gives them a unique image that consumers will remember and associate only with their brand.

In conclusion, stock photos provide some advantages. Still, the disadvantages are much more notable, making us understand that betting on natural and organic photography will be the best option for your project, incorporating an image that your clients will only associate with your brand by adding value, importance, detail, originality and fulfilling both your needs and your expectations.

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