This year looks promising, although it has been almost three months since it began, it is important to highlight the trends that are already being strongly felt and like others that will soon explode in popularity.

Also, some of these trends we have been seeing for some time on platforms such as Instagram, BeReal and Tik Tok that continue to grow like foam.

However, they are still a great opportunity to increase them now if you have not already done so.

Business owners are being forced to use new techniques to position themselves as high as they can. This is basically a guide to know what you should be doing this 2023 with your social media channels:

Video/Reels format content

This content is already in the top positions, customers are curious and want to see new things.

So, show them your product, make them know you and tell your story in an attractive way with the help of these platforms that users spend a minimum of two hours daily on each.

Short videos help capture attention, more if you try to do it in the first two seconds and thus consumers will gain confidence when you promote your products in a strategic, indirect, entertaining, different, and fun way.

Have you already tried to promote yourself with Instagram Reels and Tik Toks short videos?

The future of social media meets artificial intelligence

Many creators are already using artificial intelligence to relieve their work and it can be a great help to do repetitive tasks such as answering many messages using Chatbots. Answer the messages as fast as possible is very important since the consumer has become very demanding.

You can also create a lot of things like images or text, but we wouldn’t recommend it as a tool to connect with your consumers.

User-Generated Content

This content is not new, but it will continue to predominate just like influencer marketing, the difference is that the CGU is content that normal people who generate content for brands instead of hiring a professional influencer. While there’s nothing wrong with paying a person who has great influence on a group of people, it’s just another way to deepen your relationship with your customers, reach your ideal audience, and build awareness of your brand.

It can be content created by your followers, as well as hiring technological and creative people who knows how to create good content such as videos to sell it to brands.

Look for a creative people that can help you with this content, like fans, followers, employees, freelance professional creators that specialized in selling photos or videos that involves using your product in any way.

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