It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the terms that exist, both in marketing and graphic design. Although they complement each other, they are not the same and do not resemble each other since they are totally different areas that are necessary when you have a business, or you are going to start working towards a new business idea.

If you are not immersed in the creative world, it can be a bit complicated to understand what each one means, to understand each term we have created this informative space to help you find what you really need.

Marketing is responsible for developing a product or service, promoting, and distributing it, establishing its price, and defining for whom this product or service will be directed, which is known as the target audience. This requires extensive research and market analysis to meet the objective of identifying, anticipating, and meeting customer demands or needs while bringing a benefit to the company.

If you ever heard about advertising this is a derivative of marketing which tends to influence the behavior of consumers with different spaces and channels to advertise the product or service. Marketing uses advertising as a tool and branding as a support to appeal to the emotions of consumers, increasing trust in the brand so they make it part of their day to day.
Now we will talk about branding, it is very important that you differentiate yourself by presenting your brand image in a creative and attractive way, which is consistent with the values and personality you want to transmit. This helps to position your brand in the mind of your target market. This is what makes the people who consume your product or service feel more identified with you, to improve the perception they have of you for what you contribute and the value you offer. We must also remember that corporate identity and branding also go hand in hand, identity is basically the logo, colors and slogan which should always be included in your message.Both are essential in any company if you use both correctly it can certainly contribute to success. Many companies focus only on the sales, not realizing that this can affect it long term if branding strategies are not used to reinforce brand recognition, trust and loyalty ensuring that consumers always choose your brand.
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