How to add value to your customers through social media

Learn how to add value through quality content with this blog. We will give you light so don’t worry and enjoy the trip. As a business owner or a brand, you have surely come across that you have to make valuable content because commercial content that is made without any strategy really doesn’t work anymore.

Commercial content refers to content that is only promotional and trying to sell to the customer desperately.

What is valuable content?

Valuable content is exactly that, it adds value to the lives of those who follow your brand. Provide useful and relevant information, help or advice that fits your niche and what you sell. For example, if you’re a company that sells kitchen products, you could create some content that explains how to properly clean them.

Care for your consumers and they will value your content

Remember, first you must forge a relationship with your customer, so that they trust you and then be able to build loyalty for your brand. It’s a process that takes time, so you must be very patient. The sale will come in due time and all your efforts will be worth it. That said, the first thing you need to know is who your followers are, their interests, concerns, demographics, and what they want, among others. You must know who that valuable content is aimed at to try to help your audience, so that they find it interesting, relevant, of quality and share it to their close ones. A key question you can ask yourself is: How can I help my ideal customer through the valuable content I provide?

Channels & Formats

There are different channels of content distribution; The one you make for social media can
be in different formats such as videos, photos, carousels, info-graphics, etc. As well as the articles of a blog of a website and the Newsletter through an email. You must make a digital marketing strategy and an editorial calendar to organize yourself with your content ideas. This will also help you to have a constant presence to make it impossible for them to forget
about you.

Finally, if everything you’ve read is too complicated for you, it’s totally understandable. As
a business owner, you must run many roles at the same time. But you have the advantage that we are ready to help you and create the valuable content that you want so much for your brand. Do you want to know more about this topic? Schedule your appointment!

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