The costumers are more demanding than ever, and they are not just paying attention to the taste and the quality of the food you offer.  The service you provide or if the value of what they paid is worth the experience you gave them. Now when they search for a restaurant online, they unconsciously investigate the business. They search and verify your reviews, look at your profile in your different social media accounts.  

Also, they see the photos of your dishes, check the digital menu on your website, and any other relevant information so they could decide.

According to the new study of the Puerto Rico Restaurant Association better known as ASORE in collaboration with The Research Office, it shows that Puerto Ricans have greater interaction with restaurants on social media than in the United States by a margin of 32% over 19%.

There is more interest in the use of technology, therefore it is an area that must be given greater emphasis and investment.  Remember, your business is doing well but it could be doing better.

Therefore,you must have all your platformsup to date.  Social media platforms are themostusedplace to let the business be known andtherearesomekeypointstohave a greaterreach:

Fake photos, fake costumers.

Real photos are extremely important because if they are taken from the internet, it can create confusion for your consumers when visiting you. You must present to the client exactly the experience they will have with you and show them why you are different from others.

Original and valuable content.

Your product photos, promotions and offers may also be used from time to time. We recommend that there is a balance since there are so many daily publications that yours can be lost if your consumer is not aware of your content. Incorporating valuable content into your marketing strategy can help capture and retain their attention, increase sales, and increase engagement. Some examples can be blogs, infographics, videos, tutorials, live broadcasts, webinars etc.

A website can be the best extension of your social media channels.

A website is used to make the consumer know more about your business and increase its credibility. A website gives you the great advantage of having everything in one place and being in control. You can communicate the vision and mission of your business, put the location, menu, talk about your concept and your customers can book in advance. In addition, you can add photos of the dishes with their respective names, share testimonials, prices, you can collect a database to send emails to whoever accepts the privacy policies, and it is also a way to contact you more easily.

Google Business Profile updated.

It is important to have your business well positioned and with greater visibility, for this Google My Business helps you where you can manage reviews, add photos, a description of your business, a phone, your website, the location with extension to Google Maps and your schedules. It is important to always consider your customers and interact with them through reviews so that when a potential customer looks for you, they leave satisfied and become your next customer.


Like Google Business, this platform helps you find yourself more easily since 80% of consumers research businesses before making a purchase decision. TripAvisor’s rating system works from 1 to 5 which gives an advantage to restaurants that have better reviews, and its algorithm gives priority to new reviews. It can be a great opportunity to gain visibility of potential consumers when registering since it has 300 million monthly visitors and 60 million official members.

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