Beware of misleading advertising, it can be harmful to your brand!

Brands can sometimes be cornered in the world of advertising and marketing as it can be very competitive and fierce; Getting consumers to notice you can be very difficult.

This does not mean that it is legal to use some techniques or tools, for example, altering product photos of food or drink to make them look more appetizing, with more quantity or quality than they have.

No matter how desperate you are, it’s best to turn to an expert who is aware of current ethical and legal regulations to avoid future headaches.

Many consumers still today are misled daily or have ever encountered various types of misleading advertising and marketing.  These can be the manipulation of photos or writings so that the product is assimilated more beneficial than it really is, false testimonials, not including relevant information, false promotions etc. The alteration of photos as we discussed is more common than is believed and sometimes goes unnoticed. Apparently, there are photographers or business owners who still use their tricks up their sleeves. Although it may seem harmless to the “unknowing”, there may be legal repercussions with either the U.S. Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Consumer Affairs in Puerto Rico for false advertisements.  You can’t get carried away by impatience, because this can be detrimental to both your brand’s credibility and long-term reputation.

Avoid at all costs mistakes that have already been made by other companies that have caused lawsuits and millionaire fines, such as: Facebook, Red Bull, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Ferrero, and many others. Of course, having sales is important, but the main thing is to encourage the connection, credibility, loyalty and experience you offer to your consumers who are the ones who sustain you. Would it be fair to deceive those who help you? Instead, hire a professional who cares more about the well-being of your brand and your consumers.

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