4 Things you should be doing to improve your customer´s engagement

The “engagement” or commitment is the connection you create with your customer´s.

People have too many options and therefore you must differentiate yourself by creating shopping experiences.

Therefore, the consumer can feel identified with the dynamic and unique experience you offer. Create experiences by appealing to their emotions so they interact with your brand either through comments, sharing your content and / or liking your business posts.

For this, you must follow a strategy, have clear goals, and know your target market so you can address them. Don’t make the mistake of posting for the sake of posting, according to Hootsuite’s statistics, 90% of Instagram users follow a company and every 2 out of 3 people say the platform helps them connect with the accounts of different brands.
Increasing the engagement your followers have with your brand is not an easy task, you
must put effort and a lot of time, but this is the beauty of owning your own time when you own a business.

How to increase the engagement my followers have towards my brand?

One minute of video says more than 1,800,000 words

Photos and carousels are great, but videos make you connect with your audience further
because your followers are highly visual and therefore you must provide them with good
quality, valuable and immediately understandable content.

91% of active users on Instagram say they watch videos on the platform weekly. Stories are also ideal as they last only 24 hours, is recommend for documenting your day to day and sharing discounts or promotions.


C o n s i s t e n c y  for the thousandth time!

Consistency and don´t forget quality, if you publish anything to get out of the way it will
not have good results. Publish and let the client know when it will be the next time they
will hear from you, fill them with good photos, strategic texts with call to actions so that
they already know exactly what they need to do and don´t give them a break from thinking
about anything else than your brand.


You need to interact with your followers once and for all

Stop ignoring your customers, it’s your business and your consumers are the most important part of it. Interact with them and create a community that is willing to participate in everything you do. It is also important to know your audience, what worries them, what they like, ask them questions, ask for opinions, comment in your post and their posts too, and create conversations.

Keep your account up to date and use your strengths

Update your biography, talk about what you offer, and apply the less is more rule. It is also
important to be true to the values of your brand, use the colors and typography that
distinguish you so that you begin to create a connection with your consumer through brand recognition. It is not enough to just be attractive; it is also to be interesting, eye-catching, entertaining, and altruistic to have the customers hooked on your brand.

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