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Digital Marketing Agency

Creativity makes us happy.

This is the most beautiful logo we have created😎, just kidding. As a creative marketing agency, we needed something professional, recognizable, unique, fun, creative, energetic, and meaningful. Easy enough, huh? It has been our most challenging logo, although it looks simple. To sum up, we wanted to keep a professional & corporate look, so we went with the “H” as the icon, but at the same time, we needed to stand out, to be different, to scream energy, creativity & innovation, because that’s our passion. And that’s why the “H” is breaking apart and surrounded by color representing energy and creativity.

#logodesign #hypercreativeneurons #wecreatelogos
It's Responsive
This design is a fully responsive logo that can be adapted to any background and screen resolution.
It's Timeless
No matter how many years pass by, this logo will still look fresh due to its clean and simple form.