Instagram: Must-have updates for business owners

The developers of social media like Instagram, constantly have us a little confused with so many changes. Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, tells us about each update through his profile and we know that it is difficult to be aware of everything that happens. We’ll show you what updates can help you if you create your business content for you to dethrone your competition.

Reels are the present and the future.

Did you know that videos are all automatically converted into Reels? Videos are the sensation now and what´s in. Static posts aren´t bad but is no longer a priority in the platform. You can add music, effects, record and edit your video instantly, they can last up to 90 seconds and adjust the speed. If you do not have time or can´t get the muse Hycrons offer services such as content creation, videography and photography so that your business is not left behind.

Double is better (Dual).

Now you can record using the two cameras for your Reels, you can record your products and your reaction at the same time to humanize your brand. Try it!

60-second stories.

Now you can record stories of up to 60 seconds, they only lasted 15 seconds and then the stories were cut. You can present your products or whatever you want without any annoying interruptions.

Don't let content get lost.

There is also the option to “pin” your most relevant posts or those that had more range so that they are the first thing your consumer sees when they enter your profile. Remember that your content, even if it is old, does not stop losing value. You just have to press all three little dots in the upper right part of the publication and it will give you the option ¨Pin to your profile¨, you can do it with up to three posts. You can also do it with comments you liked the most from your followers.

Don't be afraid to collaborate with other accounts or businesses.

If you collaborate with others, you can create a post that will appear on both accounts and both users will own it. You can reach more people with this update! To do so, look to tag your collaborator and an option will appear that will say "Invite a collaborator".

Don't make escuses.

Now Instagram does everything possible to help you create Reels on the platform, even giving you the option to use "Templates¨ that other people edited. It's faster, just press the option that appears at the top of someone else's Reel username, place the videos and you're ready to post.

Remember to use human connection with your consumers.

Congratulations, you can reply to your followers with Reels to personalize each message and that your followers know you better. This helps people identify and trust your brand. Although it's not necessary, it can be inspiring to see who the person behind all the success is.
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