Has the new app that will dethrone Twitter arrived?

It is a bit difficult to follow all the changes and new applications that arise. So, we have an overview of none other than another small headache for entrepreneurs and content creators with the launch of the new application called Threads.

Don't panic! The good news is that they developed it to be like an extension focused on Instagram texts since it is possible to import your existing Instagram account, so you do not have to make another account.

The new app created by the founder of META, Mark Zuckerberg, with his Instagram team, incorporated Threads to motivate people to have public conversations in the form of a chain and in real time known as threads. Like its rival, you can micro-blog, publish texts with up to 500 characters, re-post, upload photos, videos and share them; unlike Twitter that you can only put 250 characters. In addition, Threads does not use the iconic Hashtags & quot; it doesn´t have a trend section and you can´t send direct messages.

The application can be downloaded for free for Apple and Android in around 100 countries, except the European Union for privacy disagreements due to the wide range of data it collects from users. It is the new toy of META that so far proves to be the direct competition of Twitter and has potential that only with time we will know if it is worth it or if it will be another application that ends before starting. If we look at it on an opportunistic side, with so many users joining at the same time it could be a new tool for entrepreneurs to communicate with their
consumers and share thoughts in text form for Instagram stories.

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