Don’t fall for Christmas “clichés” on your social media.

Christmas is a difficult season for business owners, as everyone wants to create memorable content to be the consumer’s first choice when it comes to enjoying this time or when giving gifts. It´s a season in which a lot of money is spent, basically in all departments from food, clothing, alcoholic beverages, home decoration to the rental of places for parties. If you have a business, you understand all this, but also a lot of content is consumed on social media with the attempt to be the number one, but there are some “clichés” that should be avoided at all costs.

Don't use pixelated itemsUsing generic photos or "stock"

This should not only be avoided at Christmas, but also throughout the year. Even if you want to be trendy with all seasons, it is not recommended to use photos taken from the internet as your content can lose credibility. To stand out it is better to make your own content with relevance and originality.

Too many graphic arts and/or offers

Sales are good, but as the saying goes in Spanish ¨Lo poco divierte y lo mucho aburre” referring as a lot can be boring or it was not like that the saying goes? Oh well, that’s what’s going to happen to your costumer when they go on social media and get bombarded with deals or lots of designs. Reinvent yourself and document everything you do in your business so they can experience it through the screen the same as you. If you need help and don’t have time to take photos and videos of your everyday, Hycrons helps you make this Christmas unforgettable.

Change your brand colors

Big mistake! Your brand is the most sacred and what identifies you, do not confuse your followers by changing what they already recognize. Always stay firm and true to your corporate identity.

Putting a Santa hat to your logo

You don’t have to, but if you do… be unique! This is what we meant that if you want to make a Christmas change to your logo always try to leave its essence and be original. If you put a Christmas hat, there will be many brands that will be the same and this can confuse your costumer. Always do your best to innovate and stand out without losing your brand values.
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