Energetic Logotype


Car Performance & Tuning

There's always a first time for everything.

This was our first professional logo; it’s been on the market for more than 15 years. We’ve made some modifications over the years to make it more readable and straightforward and keep it up to date. We were just “kids” when my brother, CEO of Neoh2ning, decided to pursue his dreams. He has loved cars since he was born. So, when he embraced this and decided to go all in, I knew he needed to create a brand; I didn’t know why but I knew it. After a few years, he was already being recognized in the industry, and people were asking for stickers and shirts, so when knew it had worked. Today, 15 years later, many cars are rocking the stickers and representing the brand on different tracks, in and out of the country. In 2021, we did refine the logo a bit, but the essence is still the same, don’t ever change something that works.

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It promotes name recognition and is associated with more traditional and formal approaches to branding.

It's Timeless
No matter how many years pass by, this logo will still look fresh due to its clean and simple form.