Social Media Management

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Social Media Platforms
Select which main social media platforms you want us to maintain.
Main Platforms
Photoshoot Frequency:
1-3 Posts = Every 2 months (Up to 2 hours session)
4-6 Posts = Every month (Up to 2 hours session)
7-10 Posts = Every month (Up to 3 hours session)
11-14 Posts = Every month (Up to 4 hours session)

Secondary Platforms
Content Creation
Select the type of content you want to share with your audience.
Photos & Graphics Arts: Includes photoshoot and graphics arts for social media.
Professional videos: One full length video every 3 months. Ideal uses: know-how, interviews, infomercials.
Instagram Reels: Short videos for Instagram which will be created on the day of the photoshoot, if select more than one reel the photoshoot session will be extended. The ideal use is to entertain and engage with your audience organically.
Select any additional platforms you want us to maintain. We will be in charge of updating operating hours & holidays, menu & reporting unfair reviews.
Community Management (Engagement)
Assistance: We will assist you (whenever possible) in engaging with customers by re-posting stories, answering inbox messages and responding to comments.

Full Service: We will take full responsibility in engaging with customers by re-posting stories, answering inbox messages, responding to comments and managing reviews.

Unlimited Design Services
Unlimited designs for your business needs such as billboards, menus, business cards and packaging.
Website Maintenance
Basic: Includes server upgrades, backups and repairs.

Full Service: Includes the Basic plan plus any content changes needed, such as adding items or products, changing prices, descriptions and photos, etc.

Basic: Periodic meetings, 4-month social media & website performance reports.

Full Service: We will help you create, review and discuss new strategies. Monthly social media & website performance reports.

Additional Services
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